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SC Comunicacio's history.

A enthusiast for the communication, design and photography, it is in 2012 that Alexandre Brice, owner and manager, started under a different business name with a small shop in the historic centre of Andorra la vella. At the beginning, our agency offered advertising space on a network of screens distributed throughout the country's shops, as well as content creation services for social medias.

It is in 2015, after concluding 3 personal masters and more than 170 trainings, that SC Comunicació was born, being a laboratory of ideas, full of creativity, energy and colour.

With the objective of offering a personalised service and developing projects of the highest quality, we created what we call our communicative remedies, with names inspired by medicine, and the interest in curing the symptoms of a deficiency or lack of good communication.

DISEÑAZOLSOCIALMINAWEBCEPAM and the latest arrival FOTOZIL, through their active, daring and innovative principles, managed to help more than 900 companies, resulting in:







42 000


345 000



Social media accounts


Domains .com


Many coffees and sweets

To treat the symptoms of disorientation and dizziness, it is in 2017 that our laboratory of Ideas has developed GuiAND®, a concentrate of images with a large dose of information about Andorra.

This recipe, distributed free of charge in print and digital format, attracts the attention of more than 1 million people a month. It also has many followers on social networks under the name @guiand.andorra and has published a 240-page book in 2024 with the best photographs of Andorra taken over the last 7 years.

For the more timid, dreamers and less daring, SC Comunicació has launched IMPRESSOLAX, the remedy that allows projects to go ahead with a professional printing service in collaboration with the biggest printing company in Europe.

Neither Covid or communication pathologies have been able to put an end to us, we are a creative and versatile whirlwind that draws on technique, reactivity and involvement to bring uniqueness to projects.

In our laboratory, you are not the hamster! Your corporate image makes the difference.


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