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Why communicate during the Christmas holidays?

A good communication strategy must adapt to the different times of the year to be truly effective. Therefore, taking into account that Christmas is a time when consumption skyrockets, it seems clear that special attention should be paid to communication during these holidays. In fact, if used correctly, Christmas communication can be a great opportunity for companies.

Build a coherent communication strategy

The first element that should be highlighted is that the Christmas communication must be coherent with the rest of the brand's communication. Creating a communication campaign without this premise can result in a wasted opportunity, since it must always be kept in mind that the communication of a brand must refer to its visual universe.

On the other hand, the elements of the campaign also must be cohesive among themselves so that the consumer understands that they are part of the same communicative objective.

Finally, a Christmas campaign must have a clear objective. What do we want to convey to our audience? It can be the launch of a new product or a strengthening of the brand image, for example, but it must always be designed around a premise.

Communication on social media

When we think about Christmas communication, television advertising or printed catalogs usually come to mind, but the truth is that social media are gaining more weight in the media landscape every day, since they allow greater segmentation and, therefore, direct the message to consumers who may be really interested. Also, used correctly, they are a cheaper option than traditional media.

Christmas campaigns are very important and create particular communication needs, so they have to be planned accordingly:

First, we must analyze social media in order to find key elements to know what position we want to adopt. Therefore, it is necessary to see what the current news are, which brands are standing out and why, in addition to identifying the dominant trends. In other words, it is advisable to know the support in which we are going to act, on top of analyzing who is having an impact on the platform and how. Not all applications might be used by our target audience.

As for the campaign itself, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you have strong and effective advertising. The graphic elements must be of high quality and as creative as possible. We are in a time of great consumer demand; therefore, you must have an image that will capture their attention so that it does not go unnoticed along with the rest of the campaigns of other brands. The first impression is very important.

On the other hand, Christmas is the perfect time to create an emotional campaign and involve the company's staff. This will create a more human and personal bond with the consumer, in addition to reinforcing the company's values ​​and its internal communication. Closeness, emotion, and values ​​such as hope, companionship or solidarity can work well.

Finally, it is advisable to invest in paid advertising on social media to maximize your reach. There are many users who are not sure what to give as a present and you can help them choose!


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