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Round-shaped vinyls

Vinyl is the great classic of decoration. It allows you to create beautiful decorations at competitive prices and has a wide range of materials adapted to each need. In this case, these are different round-shaped vinyls that follow the same aesthetic designed to complement different spaces in the same room. Les Delícies d'en Jimmy needed to cover parts of his stained glass window with different vinyls and at the same time promote some of his products or services. In this way, we have opted for a pastry aesthetic, with pastel tones and shapes reminiscent of cakes and other products of the establishment, such as cakes, macarons, cups of coffee or tea ... The predominant color is pink, following the main shade of the establishment, and combined with other colors such as white, which provide a calm and relaxing image. All the vinyls incorporate photographs of the products offered by the place and one of them also integrates a phrase with a message that catches the eye and adds a touch of dynamism to the stained glass window: "Don't eat this one".


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