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Round-shaped transparent vinyl with sectored white

If you need to promote a special service or product, vinyl is one of the best options. It accepts a wide range of formats and finishes and adapts to any surface, whether interior or exterior. In this case, Rey Shoes needed outside support to communicate its discounts. Our proposal has been based on a transparent vinyl with sectored white, as this type of material allows light to pass through and stands out on any glass. In addition, the sectored white reinforces the image and makes it even more relevant. The design of the vinyl is integrated by different words related to the establishment that end up forming a shoe (the main product of the store). In this way, it is announced that there are sales in an original way and it is possible to guess what the product is that sale is about. The background color is yellow to follow the color of the room and the text is black to create a precise contrast and allow the letters to be read perfectly.


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