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One-way microperforated adhesive vinyl

One-way microperforated adhesive vinyl is perfect for outdoors. It is very resistant and adapts to any surface. It is ideal for covering the exterior windows of a room and preventing the interior from being seen. It can also be combined with transparent parts to give a glimpse of the services offered, as we did with CUT. We have chosen to leave the inside of the word CUT colorless so that it stands out much more and at the same time looks part of the establishment. The design of the vinyl respects the corporate image we have created for CUT and is nourished by a background that simulates wood, as it is precisely a locksmith and construction business. Therefore, an attempt has been made to maintain a work and repair aesthetic that is in line with the entire brand. On top of that, the CUT C is made up of sawtooths that give even more play to the image and have just confirmed the identity of the business.


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