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Functions of the media

We have never had access to information as easily as we do now, and more and more people are benefiting from one of the greatest benefits of globalization. In fact, the media have played an important role in constituting mass culture, being an important piece in the creation of opinions and also in the exchange of ideas.

Its main function is to inform. Through television, the press, radio and the internet, people can learn what is happening in the world. Reports, interviews, opinion columns... there are many formats, although today immediacy is imposed in such a way that even leads to error for journalists on many occasions. However, they remain paramount to enable citizens to make their decisions in the way that suits them best.

The media are paramount in enabling citizens to make their decisions in the way that suits them best.

However, making the reality around us known is not the only function of the media: They educate, for example, through documentaries or educational programmes for all ages. They are also essential to publicize cultural products such as cinema, theatre, music and literary works.

The media also entertain: They broadcast sports events, reality shows, talent shows, series and many other entertainment formats. In relation to this, the news, aware of the preferences of the public and constantly evolving, try to include some less relevant news, but with greater emotional load, to keep the attention of the viewers. They also design more attractive sets and graphics with the same objective.

In addition to these three functions, the media allow the recipient to form his own opinion, taking what agrees with his thoughts and ethics. That is why many channels position themselves ideologically, although it behaves them to lose their impartiality to the facts. It is also true that communication is very expensive and in many cases they need companies or individuals with certain interests to finance them in exchange for promoting a speech. The responsibility of the user? Choose correctly where to find out and be aware of who has power within the medium.


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