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Corporate website in vertical format + blog

The website is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to presenting a company. It allows to present the desired information and interact with the client directly.

In the case of Sara Cruz Cardiel – Dietetic Council, we have created a page in vertical format. The page scrolls from top to bottom and integrates different sections with explanations and services related to the company. On top of that, it has different transitions that make the page more dynamic, such as, for example, the slide of images that are in the header of the page.

The design follows the aesthetic created from the beginning for the entity, with yellow, red, green and lilac as predominant colors, and with a curved typography.

The page also integrates an interactive blog in which articles are posted periodically and where users can leave comments and share the publications. On top of that, there is a contact section where those interested can get in direct contact with the company.



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