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Copywriting: what is it and what is its objective?

Copywriting consists of the ability to create persuasive texts so that your clients carry out the action you want them to do. In other words, it is a technique used by companies to highlight the value of something in order to obtain a benefit: the purchase of their products, an increase in subscribers or followers on social networks, the attraction of a target audience that did not yet know the brand, etc.

The copywriter is a professional figure on the rise, as more and more companies are realising the capacity of language to increase their success. It is not enough to have a good product, it is necessary to know how to present it to the public in order to stand out from the competition. The copywriter must listen to people's needs, put himself in their shoes and seduce them with the solution.

It is necessary to inform in the clearest and shortest way possible, trying to connect with the emotional part of the customers. Persuade them instead of presenting them with a product. In this way, in addition to getting the users' attention, they will be more likely to take the desired action. Some formulas such as metaphors or humour can help, as well as reflecting the company's personality and using inspiring and positive words.

Due to its characteristics, copywriting is often confused with content marketing, another of the strategies used by companies in the digital world to build customer loyalty. However, it seeks to educate the public, offering them valuable content and relevant information to gradually convert them into customers. Copywriting, on the other hand, seeks to achieve its objective relatively immediately.

The art of persuasion through words did not emerge in the digital age. In the 19th century, printed posters were already accompanied by text to attract people's attention. After the invention of the printing press, their use became widespread in different formats. With the advent of the internet, this technique has spread to the present day, becoming more and more important.

How to make a good copywriting?

1) It is not possible to convince someone if you do not know their preferences or their way of consuming. Know your audience and communicate with them after knowing what they need.

2) Seek to differentiate yourself from the competition. Offering your product or service as something unique will help you to make your target feel the urgency to buy it.

3) Don't repeat yourself. It is much better to find synonyms to reaffirm an idea than to write the same words or phrases over and over again.

4) Just as when we speak we adopt different tones of voice depending on the situation, you can adapt your message to address a specific audience.

5) Always proofread your message more than once before posting it. It is very important that it does not contain any mistakes.

Of course, this type of strategy will not work miracles if the rest of the company is not in line. The organisation needs to be able to satisfy and persuade its customers with a good product or service. Building a relationship of trust with the public depends on many factors and is not achieved overnight.

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