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Colors that will be trending in design during 2022

Considering the chaos in which the coronavirus has plunged us, it is not surprising that graphic design is choosing to use soft, subdued and muted colors. Pastel, rustic, earthy or calm tones will stand out throughout 2022 in designs that, far from being boring, will integrate modern, fun and original combinations.

According to the data analysis carried out by Shutterstock, one of the most popular colors will be the relaxing coral, since it conveys feelings of comfort and peace and is easily combined with other pastel shades, such as some shades of yellow and pink.

In terms of magnetism, velvety violet takes center stage. This color represents purple's association with royalty and has the ability to grab attention without being too extravagant.

Shutterstock closes the podium with peaceful pink, a shade that "reminds you of that inevitable blush that appears when a feeling of vertigo invades you," they highlight. Combined with other pink, orange or light aqua green tones, it will captivate the senses of those who visualize it.

What other colors will be used during this year?

Green tones such as emerald, lime, mint or tropical green, among others. According to data collected by the American repertoire, shades of green dominated click-rates and conversion rates.

Pastel colors in different shades thanks to the tranquility they give off. In fact, in recent years they have increased in popularity. They are soft and sweet colors that are being combined with geometric shapes and line illustrations, obtaining innovative and eye-catching results.

Another of the trends for this year will be flat colors, since they guarantee the comfort of our eyes through simple and natural designs. Along the same lines, you can also see a wide range of muted colors, which are usually reminiscent of nature and convey tranquility and freshness.


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