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Advertising campaign design

Visual communication is everything. A clear and concise first impact is paramount in any advertising campaign. That's why we design the campaign that best suits your services and we guarantee its effectiveness! In this case, we have designed a campaign for and its services can already be seen on different platforms (posters, social networks, banners, advertisements ...) The design follows the aesthetics of the entity and aims to show a clear and concise message: "You decide the time" of renting. The message is aimed directly at the public and is intended to show a service of the company while capturing the attention of users. The background of the design is white to enhance the message and is accompanied by two images of the vehicles offered by the company. Therefore, a smooth but striking aesthetic has been chosen. Although in this case only the design of the campaign has been done, within our services we offer the possibility of elaborating the design, printing the necessary supports and placing them where appropriate to guarantee the most effective communication process possible.


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